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"Keyaki" Baumkuchen made from Tamba black soybeans

We use a lot of brown cane sugar soy flour from Kinone bridge, which is a symbol of Kaibara, and we use sour cream butter to bake mouth-filling flavors into our Baumkuchen shaped like the Kinone bridge.

Masayumesakayume (Baumkuchen made of Tamba's materials specialty shop)
JPY1,080(tax included) for a small package (130g)
JPY2,376(tax included) for a large package (400g)


Imokuri which is like a softly baked cake contains politely strained local cashew nuts called "Tamba Guri" and a delicate flavor of sweet potatoes called "Naruto-Kintoki-Imo." You can taste the obedient freshness of the foodstuff.

Nakajima Daisho-Do Tamba Honten (Tamba Head Shop)
JPY432(tax included) for two or more


It is a gift of assorted sweets using foodstuff in Tamba such as Kintsuba called "Tam" made from Tamba-Dainagon red beans and sake cake called "Horo-Zen Tamba" impregnated with local sake called "Oku-Tamba."

Ikkakishin Meiseidou
JPY2,000(tax included)


Local sake called "Oku-Tamba" representing Tamba from Yamana brewer and another sake called "Ko-Zutsu" from Nishiyama brewer.

Haginoyosaku Shoten


Happyness Market

Shops which have stuff produced in Tamba, specialty food and handiwork gather here. It is not just a market selling excellent products but also it is a market you can feel the spirits of the tenants and warmth of the people and condensing Tamba's appeal. Officlal Website

Kaibara Shrine of the God of War (The grand festival of warding off evil)

The festival of warding off evil is held on every February 17th and 18th at Tamba-Kaibara Shrine of the God of War which is well known as god's majesty of protecting against misfortune. There are so many people coming to the event to exercise every year, and it is commonly known as to herald the coming of spring for Tamba. Officlal Website

Oda Matsuri Umaimon festa (Oda Festival Umaimon Festa)

A historical pageant with about hundred people disguised as a descendant of Nobunaga Oda, who used to rule over Kaibara, walk in procession at Oda Festival. Also, Tamba's autumn food such as green soybeans called Edamame and chestnuts gather at Umaimon Festa held at the same time.